Relationship Law

In recent years changes to the law have resulted in an increasing number of relationship disputes. We prepare and advise on relationship property agreements and can help you decide whether or not an agreement is appropriate for you.

Property risks from relationships

People can enter relationships not realising that they may be putting their houses, chattels and sometimes business and investment interests at the risk of a claim.

Protecting your assets

We can advise you on what to do to protect your assets against claims in the future and how to introduce these delicate matters for discussion early in a relationship.

Be prepared

Many clients understand the implications of the legislation and confidently deal with these issues in an informed manner. However, less experienced clients require assistance to understand how property and family legislation applies to them.

Relationship property agreements

We draft property agreements for clients who wish to contract out of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976, or to resolve issues that arise at the end of a relationship.

Childcare and support arrangements

We assist with agreements regarding childcare and support, either as part of a property agreement or as an independent agreement. When dealing with the care and support of your children we use our experience to assist parties to resolve custody and care matters privately rather than by Court order.

Separate property

Whether or not property is owned by a trust, we can advise on how best to maintain separate property interests so as to avoid an unanticipated claim from a partner or spouse.

Trusts and relationship property

Trusts can be a very effective way of protecting property from claims from spouses or de facto partners. However, not all property owned by a trust can be protected in this way. We can assist in determining whether property owned by a trust could be subject to a claim as well as advising how to protect property from an existing or future relationship.


Relationship property claims can survive death. We can assist in ensuing appropriate agreements are put in place so that will makers can exercise testamentary freedom.

We can also assist following a death where any party, whether or not related to the will-maker, has questions about the provisions of a will.

Powers of Attorney

We prepare and advise on powers of attorney and enduring powers of attorney.

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