Trusts are commonly used to own family and / or business assets. The reasons for using trusts vary depending on circumstances. Reasons for settling trusts include:

Creditor protection

For asset and estate planning

To appreciate why trusts are used, it is helpful to understand what a trust is. At the simplest level a trust arises where property is owned by a trustee (or trustees) for the benefit of the beneficiaries. A trustee can also be a beneficiary. However, to evidence a valid trust it is essential to be able to demonstrate the transfer from personal ownership to trustees on account of a trust. Where a trustee is also a beneficiary it is recommended that there is also a trustee who cannot benefit from the trust. This person is sometimes referred to as an independent or professional trustee.

The rules that apply to a trust and the trustees are provided for in the deed of trust that records the establishment of the trust. Appreciating the obligations inherent in the role of trustee is important as trustees act personally. This means a careful appreciation of what liabilities might be incurred and which of these can be met by the trust is essential.

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