Ayres Legal Carparking

Secure free parking is available at 67 Symonds Street Car Park, which is a tall building set back from the road and next to the Ayres Legal building. [nb. 1.9m vehicle height limit]


  1. Drive down the long wide ramp underground.
  2. If the gate is down follow instruction 3, otherwise, drive through the carpark entrance down one full level, ie two ramps, to level 3 and as you come down the second ramp look to your left around 30 metres and you will see the Ayres Legal car spaces numbered 107 and 108 on the left.
  3. Please note that if the carpark entrance gate is not open:
    1. At the gate on the black box (above the white key pad) hit the > button, second from the left, on the black pad until it shows "Ayres Legal". Once "Ayres Legal" shows on the small screen tap the bell button, third from the left.
    2. Tapping the bell button will call our office and from there we will open the gate.
  4. To get out of the carpark you need to find the small hidden concrete stairway next to the ramp you have just driven down that leads down to the lift.
  5. In the lift push the top button (level 7) to get to the ground floor. Then you need to exit the building on to Symonds St and our building is next door on the right at 71 Symonds St (there is a café on the ground floor). Enter the lift lobby and push the up button and come to level 2.
  6. When you come into our office please advise the receptionist you have parked in the carpark.
  7. To return to your car, go back into the building at 67 Symonds St the same way you came out and go to the lifts at the back. Select level 3.
  8. When you exit the lift, take the concrete stairs again to return to your car.
  9. Drive back up the ramps and you will need to again call our office from the black box (above the white key pad) by hitting the > button, second from the left, on the black pad until it shows "Ayres Legal" and tapping the bell button.
  10. This will again call our office and we can open the gate for you to exit the building from there.

Thank you.