Property is fundamental to most clients. Not only does a property provide a home but also a method of securing borrowings for personal and business purposes. It is often important for clients to protect their property against business and relationship risks while still feeling in control. +


Many of our clients are business people with a variety of legal requirements. They require prompt and practical advice. Often a well timed phone call can avoid a messy and expensive occuring later. Also business people are now coming under greater legal threat and scrutiny and need to be aware of the right ways to reduce their liablity. +


Relationships come in many forms whether personal, business of family. Knowing your rights and protecting yourself where required has become more important with changing laws. Because realationship property laws now apply to de facto and civil union couples, this can create additional pressures on couples that did not exist before. +


Trusts are flexible arrangements that are used by people to protect their assets for the benefit of their families and themselves. They can be beneficial in many situations, including business, relationships and general estate planning. +